Body Shapes and How to deal with them

There comes a time in our lives; most probably after adolescence –especially for women- that our body shapes start to change, and as it is always hard to stick to a diet that can change our lives forever, even if you happen to lose weight and keep it for some time; chances are that you will gain them back later.

Thanks to Science there have been lately many breakthroughs in the diet-plans and metabolic testing with lots of further studies still going. But bottom line is : don’t expect that your best friend’s diet can work for you; every one of us has different body type and different metabolism, that is why I have decided to tackle in this and upcoming articles what your body type is, how to deal with it, what is metabolic testing and types.

To begin with let’s talk about body types; there are classifies into three shapes:

  • Pear-shaped.
  • Apple-shaped.
  • Box-shaped.

In case you don’t know where you fall, you can take this Calculator, or simply check the characteristic below under each type.

1-Pear Shaped-Body:

Typical characteristics:

  • Larger lower bodies and slimmer upper bodies.
  • Trim defined waist and flat stomach.
  • Narrow shoulders.
  • Tend to lose weight from their upper bodies and even their faces before their legs.
  • Hip and thigh weight is more difficult to remove (but with proper dieting and exercise it can be done).
  • first gain weight in your bottom and legs flowed by your tummy and upper body
  • you tend to have cellulite


The reason behind you storing fats in hips, thighs, and bottom is due to “Estrogen” which is a female hormone, the issue with estrogen is its direct impact on fat cell storage, Fat cells produce extra estrogen, the excess estrogen signals your body to store more fat cells, and so on. Estrogen also spikes in pregnancy and menstrual cycles, which makes it even harder for women who might be consuming an imbalanced diet during these times to lose weight.

Why Cellulite?

Any body shape will store fats underneath the skin, but for this body-shape, they are storing even more at the thighs, but why?  when hormonal changes occur; this allows the already present fat-cells to suck up more nutrients, they get bloated and big, escaping from the material holding them in place, and finally showing this dimples appearance.



Due to the estrogen; which helps keep calcium in bones, this body-shape health risks usually fall into bones’ problems; and can get pretty much obvious after menopause, when hormonal levels drop:

  • Joint problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Varicose veins

By being on a healthy individualized diet plan and boosting your metabolism you can go back to your natural body weight! (Which is the shape you looked before these hormones gets involved)


Food-List to consider:

There are a lot of food variety which can help decrease the problem underneath, some are:

High Fiber Foods: (to bind to the excessive estrogen and can help excrete them out)

  • Fresh Figs
  • Pears
  • Berries
  • Avocado
  • Hummus
  • Kiwi

Phyto-estrogens Foods: (To hinder the natural body-estrogen from doing its actions too much)

  • Soybeans and soy products
  • Edamame (green peas)
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Lentils
  • Sesame seeds
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Pomegranates

Bone-strengthening, calcium-rich foods:

  • Raw Milk (1 cup: 300 mg)
  • Yogurt (6 oz: 300 mg)
  • Cheese (1 oz: 224 mg)
  • Broccoli (1 ½ cup cooked: 93 mg)
  • Okra (1 cup: 82 mg)
  • Almonds (1 oz: 76 mg)
  • Orange (1 large, 74 mg)
  • Sweet potatoes (1 large, 68 mg)
  • Green beans (1 cup, 37 mg)


Steps to take:

  1. Eat a low-fat diet (this helps break down stubborn fat cells in your bottom region).
  2. Cut down on saturated fats (including animal sources such as high-fat dairy and red meats).
  3. Some lower-body exercise moves (running, biking, rowing squats, lunges, single leg kickbacks, hamstring curls and scissors jumps)
  4. Include Low-fat Dairy in Every Meal as shown below (Studies demonstrate that calcium helps to regulate the way fat cells store, build up and break down fat. Subsequently, low-fat dairy sources help promote weight loss.)

Sample Menu: 

Breakfast: Low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit and oats

Lunch: Low-fat cottage cheese with tomatoes, cucumbers and grilled chicken

Snack: Low-fat milk with dark chocolate cocoa

Dinner: Lean turkey burger with low-fat cheddar cheese


So whether you are a pear-shaped body or not, make sure to understand your body chemistry, what it needs and how to treat it in the right manner just then you will automatically achieve your goals without even trying.

Wait for the next articles with the rest of body-shapes!

Hope that helped.



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