Why chili pepper feels hot while Mint feels cold?

Have you ever wondered why eating a chili pepper burns your mouth and makes you feel hot while sucking up a mint brings cool sensation in your mouth??   This can simply be explained owing to “receptors”. Receptors are protein-molecules that recognize and responds to chemical signals. In case of a hot chili, there is an … Read more

Are you a Mosquito Magnet?

According to Dr. Jonathan Day, a medical entomologist and mosquito expert at the University of Florida, Mosquitoes are attracted to some people than others. “Some people produce more of certain chemicals in their skin,” he explains. “And a few of those chemicals, like lactic acid, attract mosquitoes.” There is also a study that shows people with … Read more

Barley Grass for Cancer?

When it comes to cancer, every day there are millions of researches being done worldwide and treatment strategies being investigated for the hope of free-cancer in the future. In a recent study done by the Department of Science in Korean Medicine, Kyung Hee University and Departments of Food Technology and biotechnology, Korea National University of … Read more

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